Saturday, December 13, 2008

Day 6

Day 6

We woke up this morning to 4-6 inches of fresh snow. It was absolutely beautiful! I took a picture of the sunrise from the hotel room. Unfortunately, I shot it through the screen and the screen is very obvious.

As we were leaving the hotel John put the cell phone in his sweatshirt pocket. You know the front one on the belly of a hooded sweatshirt? We were about 10 minutes away when he reached in to grab the phone and realized IT WAS GONE!!!! Darn! We turned around and headed back to search for it. We pulled into the driveway where he thought he had most likely lost it (he had been bounding through the snow--- yes, my husband bounds! =)) only to find out that it had been freshly plowed. Our hearts sank as we stared at the huge mound/hill/mountain of freshly plowed snow in front of us. My trustly cell phone had fallen victim of the snow and was now MIA. BUMMER!

Leaving the cellphone behind and driving on, we went through Taos, NM and then reached our exciting destination for the day--- The Great Sand Dunes National Park near Alamosa, CO. Oh burr was it cold!!! The wind was ripping! We were ready though. We were armed with winter gear, with sleds in hand, and a relentless determination to sled on those sand dunes--- no matter what! Or so we thought! =)

We drove up as close as we could to the dunes (which wasn't very close). I headed out with the boys as John put more clothing on. The wind was outrageous. Daniel freaked out and headed back to John. Before doing that though he asked me if we were going to get a ticket (two different times mind you). He obviously felt like we were doing something wrong. Ethan and I trudged on. We finally made it onto the first sand dune and there the wind picked up even moreso. We were getting pelted with the sand. We continued on a few more steps, hoping that the wind would subside, or at least slow a little. It didn't and we had to bail out on our conquest. I did get some pictures though. In the pics you can see the sand whipping across the surface of the dunes. The kids did the Junior Ranger program, and we ended our day in Colorado Springs.

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allhisblessings said...

Really beautiful pictures! So sorry to hear about your phone. Casualties of vacation. :)

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